Unsounding Objects: Live@CIRMMT February 7, 2013

Unsounding Objects is a series of studies composed for the SpectraSurface that examines various characteristics of the instrument. The SpectraSurface is a set of playing surfaces contained within a suitcase and equipped with contact microphones. Found objects such as bowls, pipes, or toys are placed on top of the surfaces. The sounds from the contact mics are sent to a computer where they are analyzed for their important audio features; these features are then used to drive sound synthesis. The tradition of found objects in the percussion idiom (Henry Cowell, John Cage, Lou Harrison) offers a familiar interface with unique timbral and temporal characteristics which produce interesting results in the analysis-synthesis platform of Unsounding Objects.



This concert is part of the Schulich Year of Contemporary Music 2012-2013.

Programme / Program

  • New Work (2013) de/by Beavan Flanagan (Création / Premiere)
    • For Balagumi


  • Unsounding Objects de/by Preston Beebe
    • For new device and percussion
      • Zachary Hale, performer; Ian Hattwick, electronics


  • Play (2012) de et avec/by and with Guillaume Barrette
    • For augmented electric guitar


  • Feedback (2013) de et avec/by and with Sylvain Pohu  (Création / Premiere)
    • Pour guitare électrique et dispositif électronique / For electric guitar and electronics